Lily and Stuart Engagement

In my line of work, I’ve seen many a couples. Read more

Tina and John – Engagement shoot

It was  a nice scenic drive to where we were shooting, delighted with the weather I said to myself, it’s going to be an awesome shoot and it was. Read more

Alex’s Christening

Alex Plomaritis. One might say round cheeks, big eyes. Others might describe him as cool… calm.. and collected. Well, I’ve had the pleasure to meet him in person and I can confirm, all true. All very true.

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Chris and Stef’s special Nikah Wedding

30th August 2014 was a special day for 2 special people, Chris and Stef. Both families had strong foundations and you could tell easily love was at the core of their structure. I felt bless to be able to photograph a warm heart felt Nikah wedding and share their story with you guys. Read more

A Beautiful Unexpected Place

We set out looking for a particular garden we had in mind in the Blue Mountains. Failed, we did. As we turned into the windy road… Read more