Jackie and I go way back. I first met Jackie at Unisys, one of my first full-time roles at the start of my IT career. A beautiful girl with a big love for coffee and coffee breaks! I met Duncan, Jackie’s husband, during a social gathering and remembered him as a very nice guy albeit a bit shy. It adds to his charm. Some may say the same is true for me.

When Jackie asked me to take some photos for her family, I felt extremely honoured. I felt privileged to be the photographer who would be able to capture some special moments and special memories for them. The best part about being a photographer is not just the technical element of taking pictures but stepping into a moment in time, a window of opportunity, and sharing these candid moments with the family.

During this time, I got to know Duncan, the not so shy guy I first met but an incredibly loving husband and attentive father. I have to say, Jackie and Duncan have two beautiful children and their family as a whole is abound with love, warmth and care.