Michael weds Annie

Michael and Annie

Since their pre-wedding shoot in June, I knew Michael and Annie’s wedding was going to be a memorable one. Michael and Annie have unmistakeable chemistry. Their love for each other shows in their eyes, their smiles and the tender moments shared between them two. MichaelxAnnie_3720-lowr

The day was made complete by the amazing bridal party who kept the party alive throughout the day with endless laughter and cheeky faces. It was also heartwarming to see the strong family bonds and the elders beaming with love and pride for the bride and groom.

There’s no greater feeling than sharing the start of a new chapter in life with those that matter most and that’s exactly what Michael and Annie’s wedding day was about. Congratulations again to the beautiful couple!


C_MichaelxAnnie_Groom Details





MichaelxAnnie_0177-lowr MichaelxAnnie_0184-lowr


MichaelxAnnie_0366-lowr MichaelxAnnie_0423-lowr MichaelxAnnie_0454-lowr MichaelxAnnie_0571-lowr C_MxA_Groom Games MichaelxAnnie_0798-lowr C_MxA_TeaC Bride

C_MxA_TeaC Groom
MichaelxAnnie_1406-lowr MichaelxAnnie_1441-lowr
MichaelxAnnie_1461-lowr MichaelxAnnie_1491-Edit-lowr
MichaelxAnnie_1538-Edit-lowr MichaelxAnnie_1543-lowr C_MxA_Annie and Mum MichaelxAnnie_1995-lowr MichaelxAnnie_2147-lowr MichaelxAnnie_2260-lowr MichaelxAnnie_2481-lowr MichaelxAnnie_2672-lowr MichaelxAnnie_2724-lowr MichaelxAnnie_2824-lowr MichaelxAnnie_2842-lowr MichaelxAnnie_2874-lowr C_MxA_Bridal Party MichaelxAnnie_3349-lowr MichaelxAnnie_3385-lowr C_MxA_Groomsmen Run MichaelxAnnie_3043-lowr MichaelxAnnie_3120-lowr MichaelxAnnie_3094-lowr MichaelxAnnie_3485-lowr MichaelxAnnie_3512-lowr MichaelxAnnie_3604-lowr

MichaelxAnnie_3788-Edit-lowr MichaelxAnnie_3793-Edit-lowr

MichaelxAnnie_3875-lowr MichaelxAnnie_3894-lowr MichaelxAnnie_4394-lowr

MichaelxAnnie_4447-lowr MichaelxAnnie_4467-lowr MichaelxAnnie_4505-lowr MichaelxAnnie_4493-lowr MichaelxAnnie_4657-lowr MichaelxAnnie_4732-lowr MichaelxAnnie_4806-lowr MichaelxAnnie_4751-lowr MichaelxAnnie_4914-lowr MichaelxAnnie_4919-lowr MichaelxAnnie_5060-lowr MichaelxAnnie_5078-lowr MichaelxAnnie_5175-lowr MichaelxAnnie_5341-lowr


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