10 years of colour

Meet Linda, I dare say team leader (sorry Joe) of “team awesome”.

Joe – The unofficial team leader perhaps? Aka cool dad and all round awesome guy.
Hunter – This girl is sweet to the T. She even taught me to use “please” when I asked her to do something. haha what was I thinking and where did I leave my manners? Never mind, Hunter is keeping me in check.
Kegan – If there was ever a real life Bart Simpson I would say we got a pretty close match. Kegan is uber cheeky.

We really did have one of the most fun and awesome shoot ever. Not only is this family beautiful inside and out they are sincerely very sweet to each other. When I spoke to Linda she mentioned to me that she wanted fun photos and they had some ideas. I was all ears and when she was done telling me I was ALL in 🙂

Happy 10 years and congratulations again Linda and Joe, you guys definitely have the recipe down pat for a happy family and life together. I’ll shall be taking notes, when does class start? 🙂

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  1. Joe and Linda
    Joe and Linda says:

    Love your work Johnny! It was an absolute pleasure working with such a great team! We had a fantastic time doing the shoot and the location you chose was perfect! The photos look amazing and your service is super speedy! Would totally spread the word and recommend your services to everyone we know.
    In CBA terms, you have exceeded our expectations! Haha! 🙂
    Love it!

    • johnnyl
      johnnyl says:

      Hi Joe and Linda,
      It was an absolute pleasure and awesome meeting everyone. Julie and I had a great time and the shoot was uber fun. It was definitely team work that delivered the photos. You guys were super awesome!!!



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