Hayley’s 1st birthday

Hayley’s happy first birthday! What a delightful celebration it was complete with pastel-coloured macaroons, delicious candy bar and pink princess cake. And, of course, a party wouldn’t be complete without lots of colourful balloons! Christine and Hok did an amazing job with the decorations and making sure everyone had a great time. What made the occasion even more beautiful were the close family and friends who came to celebrate with this little bundle of joy. Hayley’s sparkly eyes lit up the room and her rosy cheeks put a smile on everyone’s face. I tried with all my might to get her to smile but all she gave me was her cheeky half smile. That was enough to make my heart melt. Happy birthday princess!

Hayley1stBday_Dessert table

Hayley1stBday_Dessert table2

Hayley1st Birthday_020-lowr Hayley1st Birthday_035-lowr Hayley1st Birthday_074-lowr Hayley1st Birthday_041-lowr Hayley1st Birthday_078-lowr

Hayley1st Birthday_089-lowr

Hayley1st Birthday_110-lowr

Hayley1st Birthday_094-lowr

Hayley1st Birthday_093-lowr

Hayley1st Birthday_113-lowr Hayley1st Birthday_118-lowr Hayley1st Birthday_123-Edit-lowr Hayley1st Birthday_130-lowr Hayley1st Birthday_132-lowr Hayley1st Birthday_138-lowr Hayley1st Birthday_144-lowr Hayley1st Birthday_152-lowr Hayley1st Birthday_153-lowr Hayley1st Birthday_156-lowr Hayley1st Birthday_174-lowr Hayley1st Birthday_179-lowr Hayley1st Birthday_185-lowr Hayley1st Birthday_187-lowr Hayley1st Birthday_192-lowr Hayley1st Birthday_178-Edit-lowrHayley1st Birthday_227-Edit-lowr Hayley1st Birthday_196-lowr Hayley1st Birthday_228-lowr Hayley1st Birthday_238-lowr Hayley1st Birthday_243-lowr Hayley1st Birthday_245-lowr Hayley1st Birthday_265-lowr Hayley1st Birthday_270-lowr Hayley1st Birthday_285-lowr Hayley1st Birthday_313-lowr Hayley1st Birthday_318-lowr Hayley1st Birthday_326-lowr Hayley1st Birthday_331-lowr Hayley1st Birthday_339-Edit-lowr Hayley1st Birthday_370-Edit-lowr Hayley1st Birthday_412-lowr Hayley1st Birthday_396-lowr Hayley1st Birthday_420-lowr

Hayley1st Birthday_455-Edit-lowr Hayley1st Birthday_451-lowr Hayley1st Birthday_442-lowr Hayley1st Birthday_447-lowr Hayley1st Birthday_450-lowr Hayley1st Birthday_463-lowr Hayley1st Birthday_473-lowr Hayley1st Birthday_477-lowr Hayley1st Birthday_482-lowr Hayley1st Birthday_489-lowr Hayley1st Birthday_493-lowr Hayley1st Birthday_497-lowr Hayley1st Birthday_510-lowr Hayley1st Birthday_514-lowr Hayley1st Birthday_524-lowr Hayley1st Birthday_535-lowr

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