Richard and Cezanne

I’ve been wanting to finish these pictures for a while and I’m super excited to now share with you all. Meet Richard and Cezanne.

Richard and Cezanne_0282-lowr


A couple made for each other. During the shoot, I could really see the fun-loving chemistry between these two. Richard would sneak in sweet little kisses whenever he could, and Cezanne would give him her brightest smile after a pretend angry face. It was a pleasure doing this shoot and being able to capture their unique love story.


Richard and Cezanne_0046-lowr

Richard and Cezanne_0035-lowr

Richard and Cezanne_0053-lowr

Richard and Cezanne_0070-lowr

Richard and Cezanne_0150-lowr

Richard and Cezanne_0151-lowr

Richard and Cezanne_0158-lowr

Richard and Cezanne_0184-lowr

Richard and Cezanne_0167-lowr

Richard and Cezanne_0201-lowr

Richard and Cezanne_0226-lowr

Richard and Cezanne_0214-lowr

Richard and Cezanne_0293-lowr

Richard and Cezanne_0307-lowr

Richard and Cezanne_0316-lowr

Richard and Cezanne_0333-lowr


Richard and Cezanne_0389-lowr

Richard and Cezanne_0379-lowr

Richard and Cezanne_0452-lowr Richard and Cezanne_0455-lowr Richard and Cezanne_0457-lowr


Richard and Cezanne_0536-lowr Richard and Cezanne_0540-lowr Richard and Cezanne_0561-lowr





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  1. Richard Bautista
    Richard Bautista says:

    Thanks for all your work on these photos Johnny. It was indeed a lot of fun being a model haha. These are amazing photos. thanks for posting them.


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