Sanna and Brett

Sanna and Brett

A huge congratulations to Sanna and Brett who both looked amazing on their special day.

Lucia and Chien

They told me they weren’t very romantic but I believe they are brimming with romance. A day filled with love, lots of laughter and shared amongst family and friends.

I believe when I couple finds the one they can truly take on the world and laugh at any challenges that comes their way. Lucia and Chien both are a happy go lucky couple with a can do aittitude in life.

Lucia + Chien = Love & Happiness.


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Michael weds Annie

Michael and Annie

Since their pre-wedding shoot in June, I knew Michael and Annie’s wedding was going to be a memorable one. Michael and Annie have unmistakeable chemistry. Their love for each other shows in their eyes, their smiles and the tender moments shared between them two.  Read more

Anita x Teo

Anita and Teo

What a photogenic couple! Stunning bride and handsome groom makes for a great shoot. Read more

Chris and Stef’s special Nikah Wedding

30th August 2014 was a special day for 2 special people, Chris and Stef. Both families had strong foundations and you could tell easily love was at the core of their structure. I felt bless to be able to photograph a warm heart felt Nikah wedding and share their story with you guys. Read more

Patrick and Jane’s Special day.

Jane has to be one of the most organised and happy bride I’ve ever have come across. She is truly amazing and so relaxed. Patrick equally calm and easy going. This really set the tone for the day and what a beautiful day it was. Even though the clouds and the rain played with us with its trickery, we were steadfast in capturing a moment that will be remembered for the rest of their life.

Read more

Christina and Pat

Christina and Patrick’s Special Day.

Today two families come together as one to celebrate two special people and their once-in-a-life-time love. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Rudd!

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