Anita x Teo

Anita and Teo

What a photogenic couple! Stunning bride and handsome groom makes for a great shoot. It was our pleasure to be a part of Teo and Anita’s special day and we especially loved the cultural traditions that took centre stage and families joining together to celebrate this special occasion.

Anita looked absolutely radiant and Teo was equally dashing! Their love and joy filled the air as we made our way through a fun-filled day of tea ceremony, ‘I do’s’, glamour shots and wicked dance moves. Anita and Teo are a perfect match and it was a magical day for them. These photos are just a reflection of the start of an incredible journey for these two. Here’s to happily ever after…!

AnitaxTeo_Collage4 AnitaxTeo_Collage5 AnitaxTeo_Collage6 AnitaxTeo_Collage7 AnitaxTeo_Collage8 AnitaxTeo_Collage9


AnitaxTeo_Collage17 AnitaxTeo_0840-lowr



AnitaxTeo_Collage12 AnitaxTeo_0941-lowr AnitaxTeo_1103-lowr AnitaxTeo_1162-lowr AnitaxTeo_1046-Edit-lowr AnitaxTeo_1131-lowr AnitaxTeo_1975-lowr-2 AnitaxTeo_1942-lowr AnitaxTeo_1809-lowr AnitaxTeo_1886-lowr AnitaxTeo_1910-lowr AnitaxTeo_2023-lowr-2 AnitaxTeo_2075-lowr AnitaxTeo_2263-lowr-2 AnitaxTeo_Collage1 AnitaxTeo_2361-lowr AnitaxTeo_Collage13 AnitaxTeo_2367-lowr AnitaxTeo_2381-lowr AnitaxTeo_2405-lowr AnitaxTeo_2488-lowr


AnitaxTeo_3040-lowr-2 AnitaxTeo_Collage15 AnitaxTeo_Collage16 AnitaxTeo_3340-lowr AnitaxTeo_3253-lowr AnitaxTeo_3238-lowr AnitaxTeo_3626-lowr AnitaxTeo_3484-lowr



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