Lily and Stuart Engagement

In my line of work, I’ve seen many a couples. Couples who have met by chance, through unexpected encounters, who have had a spark and then followed their heart. This is one of those magical couples. Stuart and Lily celebrated their beautiful engagement with family and friends at Rozelle on a lovely Spring evening. Their love and care for each other filled the air and the love from their family and friends made the event even more special. It was my privilege to be a part of this event and I wish the happy couple the most delightful wedding and a lifetime of wedded bliss.

Lily and Stuart_0039_lr Lily and Stuart_0048_lr Lily and Stuart_0052_lr Lily and Stuart_0064_lr


Lily and Stuart_0106_lr

Lily and Stuart_0026_lr

Lily and Stuart_0174_lrLily and Stuart_0084_lrLily and Stuart_0085_lrLily and Stuart_0141_lrLily and Stuart_0111_lr Lily and Stuart_0095_lr Lily and Stuart_0097_lr Lily and Stuart_0106_lr
Lily and Stuart_0149_lr Lily and Stuart_0172_lr Lily and Stuart_0179_lrLily_Stuart_chalkboard Lily and Stuart_0216_lr Lily and Stuart_0219_lr Lily and Stuart_0220_lr Lily and Stuart_0231_lr
Lily and Stuart_0299_lr Lily and Stuart_0313_lr Lily and Stuart_0322_lr Lily and Stuart_0476_lrLily and Stuart_0484_lr Lily and Stuart_0539_lr Lily and Stuart_0389_lr Lily and Stuart_0431_lr Lily and Stuart_0399_lr Lily and Stuart_0401_lr
Lily and Stuart_0534_lr Lily and Stuart_0549_lr

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