Five little ones, two amazing parents, ten years strong. 

I’m excited to share this fun-filled family shoot we did a couple of weeks ago. The beautiful Autumn colours had come out to play and with the soft glimmering light at this time of year, we had the perfect backdrop. 

We had lots of fun capturing these special family moments. There was no shortage of personality, cheek and mischief from each of the kids so that kept us entertained and laughing for most of the day. There’s nothing more beautiful than capturing children in their element and it helps when they are all so adorable.

We got some great parenting tips from the lovely couple and some wise words from Marii – “a big family is hard work but well worth it”. If this family is anything to go by, it’s an absolute a joy to be a part of and nothing short of the truth.
The Trinhs

The Boys

The Trinhs The Trinhs The Trinhs The Trinhs Peak 2

The Trinhs

Lexi Maria_Trinh_Family_0097-lowr Maria_Trinh_Family_0183-lowr Maria_Trinh_Family_0188-lowr Maria_Trinh_Family_0210-lowr Details Clothes

Maria_Trinh_Family_0298-lowr Maria_Trinh_Family_0422-lowr Maria_Trinh_Family_0419-Edit-lowr Maria_Trinh_Family_0404-lowr Maria_Trinh_Family_0351-Edit-lowr Maria_Trinh_Family_0335-lowrMaria_Trinh_Family_0249-Edit-Edit-lowr

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