Annie and Michael

Two peas in a pod and cute as a button!

We had the pleasure of shooting Annie and Michael’s pre-wedding a few weeks ago. From the moment we met them, we could sense their excitement for the upcoming wedding. Annie’s full of positive energy and Michael does well to keep up. Their chemistry filled the air as we sat down for a quick coffee then took to the outdoors for our shoot. The sun shone brightly for this beautiful couple and our hearts melted as they showed us just how easy love could be.

Annie and Michael_0009-lowr AnniexMichael_Collage 1
Annie and Michael_0029-lowr Annie and Michael_0021-lowr Annie and Michael_0039-lowr Annie and Michael_0041-lowr Annie and Michael_0403-lowr Annie and Michael_0402-lowr Annie and Michael_0054-lowr Annie and Michael_0058-lowr Annie and Michael_0062-lowr Annie and Michael_0079-Edit-lowr Annie and Michael_0076-lowr Annie and Michael_0074-lowr Annie and Michael_0070-lowr Annie and Michael_0073-lowr Annie and Michael_0065-lowr Annie and Michael_0091-lowr Annie and Michael_0096-lowr Annie and Michael_0117-lowr Annie and Michael_0109-lowr-2 Annie and Michael_0396-lowr Annie and Michael_0372-lowr Annie and Michael_0355-lowr Annie and Michael_0370-lowr Annie and Michael_0306-lowr Annie and Michael_0238-lowr Annie and Michael_0234-lowr Annie and Michael_0339-lowr Annie and Michael_0342-lowr Annie and Michael_0204-lowr Annie and Michael_0215-lowr Annie and Michael_0208-lowr Annie and Michael_0178-lowr Annie and Michael_0127-lowr Annie and Michael_0200-lowr Annie and Michael_0409-lowr

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