For the Love of Books

One of the best things about having a beautiful girlfriend is coming up with a vision and, together, being able to bring that vision to life. This portrait shoot is dedicated to the wonderful world of whispering hallways and whimsical reads.

It took some convincing on my part as Julie is not one that enjoys posing in front of cameras. Don’t get me wrong; when it’s just us or our friends and it’s a bit of fun, she has no issues making a face in front of the camera. However, to take a series of portraits is another story. Like many clients who are shy in front of the lens, I knew I had to give her enough direction while still making her feel at ease so we can get the best portrait shots.

I must say, the effort is worth it. I really enjoyed shooting this set as it truly reflects Julie. She has a strong passion for books and an understated elegance with the written word. One of the many powerful tools in her personal toolbox.


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